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For many years Yeti has been on the forefront of product development and one of the leading innovators in the mountain bike world. Driven by a passion for racing, Team Yeti has produced some legendary race teams that have included the best racers in the sport. Yeti Cycles was originally founded by John Parker who is a very unique interesting person, and his biography is available at Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. See the 1991 Yeti Ultimate. You can shop for Yeti Bikes here and get excellent deals on new Yeti bikes (see listings below) or used Yeti bikes (see ebay listings below), your choice. Yeti Mountain Bikes are Tough Machines. Many mountain bike competitors ride only Yeti Bikes.

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Yeti started as a labor of love in 1985, when John Parker, a welder who built movie sets in Hollywood, bought some jigs and fixtures from a defunct bicycle factory and applied his craft to making Yeit mountain bike frames. His early days were spent honing his craft in the back of Matt Sweeney's special effects shop. Parker knew the only way to legitimize and test new Yeti products was to go racing. So he loaded up his frames in the first ever mountain bike team box van and went off to the races. The Yeti frames immediately found a cult following among the racers, who found the Yeti steel frames solid, neutral handling and very fast.

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Yeti has attracted a worldwide following they refer to as the Tribe. These Yeti freaks are hard-core, bike loving, fanatical devotees who often travel great distances to visit the venerable Yeti factory and meet the people who made their bike. The company's factory is located in Golden, CO.

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