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StartPage UK Directory - This directory was recently launched with the intention of evolving into a portal for searchers who are frustrated with the normal search mess. Startpage offers a 2 click solution in finding useful information. They have developed integration with Facebook and much more. Give Startpage a visit, and submit your site. It is well designed, well organized and worth your time. I was invited to participate by email invitation.

Market Classifieds - This is a new beta site offering several good services. The primary deal is 3rd party ads on a good SEO classified ad platform. When considering the upgrades (there are always optional upgrades), consider the low cost of having your ad featured either as "Highlited" or as a "Top of the Page" link. Every ad is placed in a category, and these low rates make it very easy to upgrade and get more clicks.

Top SEO Search AD Service - This page describes a really effective third party ad service I use to get organic search traffic to many goods and services I offer for sale. The entire page is dedicated to explaining how I sell with enhanced premium ads on the service. The Ad service has been online since back in the beginning of the commercial web, and in my experience there in no other ad service like it.

Submit Urls to Search Engines - Definitely one of my most popular pages, and one of the oldest in my network of resource pages. During the day this page gets traffic from the US, Canada and the UK, but at night things switch over to India, Pakistan and Southeast Asia. I make it a point to update the page often with new resources I find that will be of interest to the visitors.

Domain Search and Hosting - Here I have a detailed explaination of why I love my website hosting company. I guess this is a bit self serving, since I am also an affiliate of the company. However, since I do really believe they are the best webhost available for most of us small business entrepreneurs, there is absolutely nothing false or misleading about my review. You can also search for a cheap domain here too.

Sponsored Tweets - Just a really great program to make money with Twitter. You can join for free to be a Tweeter, and advertise the affiliate program while participating in the revenue stream. Alternatively, you can join as an Advertiser and pay for Tweeters to post your ads on their Twitter stream. As a member you can earn money in 3 different ways with Sponsored Tweets. Free to join.

Social Media Marketing - Social media has grown dynamically during this past 2 years. Everyone is joining Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Stumble, Digg and many hundreds or thousands of other member sites. Businesses and individuals are all streaming to social media, but many have no idea of how to properly market their goods, services or opinions and reviews on this new platform. On this page there are several options for understanding and using social media to successfully market your business services or products.

I will add links here as we go forward. The fact is that this used to be a directory, where I accepted link requests from webmasters in the commercial and marketing sectors. I may consider a good link exchange from this page. Email Here if you want to have your site listed here. I closed the old directory due to time management issues.