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Tommaso Road Racing bikes have ultralight, durable monocoque carbon frames with exceptional geometry designed to ride fast and long on all manner of road terrain combined with "best in class" componentry used by professional riders. There are five models above which this applies to, including Maranello, Corvo, Volo, Aggraziato and Superleggera. All of these new Tommaso Road Bikes are featured in the listing below, including the Tommaso Zoncolon.

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Tommaso builds only great road bikes made for the long smooth ride. Founded in 1985 Tommaso Bicycle Company philosophy is to produce the finest bicycles in the world. They are commited to excellence in the design, craftsmanship, and distribution of their high quality Road Bicycles. Beauty and performance are evident in all of their models from the race proven geometrics, cutting edge ergonomic design and insipring and flowing elegant aesthetics.Relish the sense of adventure and elegance captured on a Tommaso Bicycle. Tommaso Bicycles are warranted free of manufacturing defects forever, and many of the models you see here are loaded with upgraded components. Tommaso Bicycles is committed to excellence and is proud to stand behind the quality of its products by offering the best warranty in the industry. Visit their site here. Another resource for information on Tommaso riders and what they are doing can be found on the Tommaso Blog.

The Tommaso commitment to excellence spans design, crafstmanship and customer service. Tommaso's inspiration comes from a time honored Italian heritage. From the parts they use to the way they ship the cycles, they accept nothing less than perfection. Quality control is critical to the construction of every bike, whether it's been designed to get a commuter across town or a world class racer across the finish line. Every Tomasso bike is assembled by hand, undergoing a rigorous multi-point inspection before ever leaving the warehouse. At Tommaso, they take so much pride in their bikes that each bike is guaranteed for life. Considering the amount of effort that goes into creating them, they would not be surprised if you became a lifetime customer as well. They have recently released a whole new line of bikes which are featured at the top of this page which are very unique, and a lot of engineering design, thought and experience has been invested in them. Tommaso is a unique brand with it's own following, which is growing steadliy as they move forward.

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