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Road cycling is the most widespread form of cycling. It takes place primarily on paved surfaces. It includes recreational, racing, and utility cycling. Experienced road cyclists generally obey the same rules and laws as other vehicle drivers and are often referred to as vehicular cyclists.

In the context of utility cycling, road cycling fulfils various purposes including commuting and also general transport for work, e.g., bicycle messengering and leisure. There are many types of bikes that are used on the roads, from BMX bikes through to high end road bikes with the road bicycle being the most common type.

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The cities of America are slowly coming along with the idea of making streets safer for bikes. We all need to consider riding bikes more, and if possible, every day during favorable weather. In most southern climates bikes can be used all year. I live in Denver, and here we have bike trails all over the city and along rivers and creek beds. The Colorado Lottery funds the trails in most part, and many people are using these trails every day. Our neighbor to the north, Boulder, is one of the most bike friendly cities in the nation. Overall, Colorado is a positive place for all kinds of biking with loads of bike lanes and trails. Our bike paths are paid for by the lottery of all things. Many Denver workers ride to work.

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Deals and discounts abound at JensonUSA for many brands of commuter and urban style bikes. They are functional, reliable, well made and many are on sale as well.

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Many people realize that riding a bicycle instead of driving a car saves the noise, stinks, and congestion of the infernal combustion engine. Do you know the personal benefits of cycle commuting? Cycling offers pleasure, companionship (ride with a buddy), cost savings (especially if you eliminate a motor vehicle), time savings (combining workout with commuting), reduced stress, and cardiovascular fitness. A bicycle can be a "fitness club on two wheels." Riding is fun and makes you feel good.

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