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Everyone should know at least some good SEO principles, which is the way most of us older and more experienced webmasters keep our natural listings ranked in search. As an affiliate marketing professional, I have to know at least the sound basic methodologies involved in this process. However, I have met many business people who simply do not have the time to do this themselves, and still run their whole business, online and offline.

For these busy store owners, this service is very appropriate and timely. Saving business owners valuable time and money by keeping their e-commerce web store or B-to-B service website on top. Natural, organic traffic from the S.E.R.P.S. is the most effective, and it creates the highest conversion ratio. Whatever you are doing, you need a good R.O.I. (return on investment). Use INeedHits and get that done for you, and they will keep doing it for you after the initial work is done, at your discretion. Visit them and see how they do it with the guarantee!

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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is the process of improving a website's ranking across search engines. Search Engine Optimization Services usually focus on a set of specific keywords and employ various techniques to improve a websites relevance to these key phrases. The folks at INeedHits are on the leading edge of search engine optimization methodologies. You can be their client for way less then most SEO firms.

Finally there's an SEO service which guarantees top rankings for your website. With our guaranteed SEO packages - you'll see your website at the top of the major search engines for the keywords of your choice - Guaranteed! Each engine is a separate charge of $129. So, if you are looking at an impossible task in getting ranked, these guys will do it for you. Read the offer carefully, and if it fits your budget, go for it. It will mean targeted search traffic for your site!

Whether you're looking for guaranteed visitors or a top search ranking, ineedhits is the quick and easy way to boost your website traffic! Increase your website traffic with our affordable range of targeted traffic services. Take a look on our site to decide between guaranteed website visitors, a top 10 featured listing or qualified Google AdWords traffic.

I have learned how to get excellent ranking on search for my evolving content, but it has taken me 13 years to get there. This company can save you some serious time and money by boosting you up early. You will have to work on it later but when you see what they have done, then your position on the learning curve improves.

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About Website Optimization - All optimization is not equal. There is such a rush to optimize a website for search engines that people don't realize that some SEO techniques can be self-defeating. Either a lot of work will go into a particular type of optimization that is fruitless or it can be downright harmful for search engine ranking. A high search-engine ranking is the holy grail of search engine optimization, but make sure you put your energy in the right place.

The first two issues involve web design: don't use flash or frames when designing a website. These won't get you banned by search engines;but the site might be ignored entirely. While you can use some flash animation within a site, overuse of flash should be avoided. Search engines like text, not fancy graphics. A flash-heavy site could be passed over. The same goes for a site written with frames;frame-heavy sites confuse search engines so the sites are not properly indexed. The text on a framed site is hidden within the frame, so even if there is ample content within the frame, it will not be read correctly. Verdict: avoid it.

When writing content, make sure the content makes sense and is coherant. In the early days of the web, people went keyword crazy. They would cram a huge paragraph of keywords throughout a page. This worked for a little while. Now search engines are wise to it and this technique can lead to a site being banned. Website owners try to trick search engines by including the keywords within actual content, but if the keywords are too close together, this could also lead to problems.

Speaking of readable, coherant content: There are some software offers out there which claim to be able to automatically create articles you can publish on your domain. These automatic article creation programs usually do little more than to generate gibberish for search engines, and if you do publish it, you could get banned. I advise using only original articles that you write, or that have been provided for you through business associations. Always give proper credit to authors of articles you publish.

Another issue is spamdexing. Never use keywords that don't apply specifically to a site. This can most often be seen with site owners using adult-themed keywords to bring in unrelated searches. This will cause a site to be quickly red-flagged. Using invisible text is a bad idea as well. Invisible text is the same color as the background. It can be read by spiders, but can't be read by human eyes. The problem here is that spiders now recognize this technique and it will be red-flagged.

Generally, content should be useful and informative. You can include specific keywords within content, but if you provide enough content, these keywords will be covered automatically without jeopardizing the site with picky search engine spiders. The use of quality content is two-fold: it's a better way to optimize with search engines and web surfers will spend a longer time on the site reading articles or other content. The trick is to create trust;both with spiders and real people.

Now days search engines are looking for the proper disclaimers and disclosures too, so make sure you have them published on a page for that purpose, then link your other pages to that disclaimer and disclosure page. It can make a big difference in how your website ranks overall. To get help, and to have a free evaluation and ranking report visit INEEDHITS-SEO OFFERS. After all, what harm can a free evaluation do? Their rates are reasonable for all services too, but if all you want is the free ranking report, they are ok with it.


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