Remote Taoist Temple Visit in China
A Dangerious Journey with Many Pitfalls

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Our Hotel Accomodations in China
Here is where the journey begins in our Hotel

Down the River we go to the Beginning
On our way to the starting point (there are no roads)

On our little Gondola Ride up to 10,000 Feet (1 hour)

Steep Pathways and Stairs of Stone line the mountain
The path to the Temple walk is hazardous and steep

The Boards are Old and Very Narrow - Don't Look Down!

This guy walks the cliff side section with no harness at all

Wow, You Must Hang Onto the Chains for Sure

Some of our Friends up ahead of us there - No Harnesses

See people climbing straight up the cliff, using chains and footholes

This part was really scary, with only a chain and a few steel stakes

Now we go UP, and thank goodness for those footholes!

Astounding to be here at the temple walk above the cliff

The Reward at the end of the journey, a temple visit (3 hours)

What a Beautiful Temple Inside - Many Many Buddas!

And then we had to go BACK DOWN !!

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