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Carbon Poker is an online poker site that caters to poker players from around the globe. The site provides simple easy to use software that allows players to play their favorite games of poker, in a range of different stakes. In addition to Poker, carbon poker also provides a number of casino games for players to try their hand at. These include Caribbean Stud, Black Jack, Roulette, and Video Poker. The games on offer at Carbon Poker are supported by a host of features such as a poker forum, blog and poker videos. After you open your free account, you have the option to use play money to play Free Games. Play Free Poker

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Texas Holdem is the most popular format of poker. It is played worldwide and is featured on TV with such tournaments as the WSOP and WPT. It is played in two common formats which are ring games and tournaments. Ring Games or cash games are tables that players can select their stakes and can come and go as the please. Carbon poker has many ring games running at any one time. The stakes range from play money and micro limits to $25/50. Tournaments are very popular poker games. Monthly poker bonuses and ongoing competitions encourage tournament play. There are poker tournaments of all types and with different size buy ins. Freeroll tournaments are also a popular. There are free rolls on offer several times daily with bigger free rolls offered several times a week.

Omaha poker is offered in much the same way as Texas Holdem at carbon poker. There are two variants of Omaha on offer at carbon. Omaha Hi/lo and straight Omaha. Omaha is second in popularity after Holdem. A player can choose to play ring games, tournaments and more. However it is a rather different game to Holdem and is players adjust their strategy accordingly. In Omaha poker players are dealt 4 cards and must make the best hand they can by using two of them and 3 of the 5 community cards.

Stud poker is offered in various common formats at Carbon. There are games of 7 card stud, Hi Lo Stud Poker, 5 card stud poker and razz constantly being played. As it is not as popular a game as Omaha or Holdem, Stud poker tournaments are on offer occasionally, usually as part of one of the monthly promotions. There are still a variety of stakes on offer ranging from play money and micro limits through to 25/50.

7 Card Stud. Seven card stud is played with players being dealt seven cards in 5 rounds. They must make the best hand using 5 of the cards. In summary the game of 7 card stud consists of 2 cards down, 4 up and one more down. There is also a 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo variant.

Hi Low poker is played with the same structure as 7 card stud, the only difference is with the showdown. Where the pot is split evenly between the highest and lowest hands, providing the low hand qualifies.

Razz Poker is the same as seven card stud, however it is played using ace-5 low hand values. Razz is not the most popular game however players can usually find one or two money tables running around the clock.

Draw Poker like stud is commonly played in a variety of formats. There is 5 card, Triple draw, Badugi and mixed that are available for players at carbon poker. Once again there is a variety of games, for each format constantly running. However draw games are rarely run in tournament formats outside of special promotions. Though the cash games are quite popular, and players can always find exciting action at a level that suits their bankroll.

5 Card Draw Poker. Five card draw is a relatively popular game at carbon and there are plenty different formats on offer including limit, pot limit, and joker games. After the blinds and cards a dealt, there are two betting rounds in 5 card stud. After the first round players have the option to change and improve their hand by discarding up 5 of their cards and replacing them with new ones.

Badugi is a 4-card version of triple draw lowball poker. Highly popular in Korea, the goal is to get 4 cards of different suits with no pairs. This is called a Badugi. Badugi makes use of the same blind structure as other games; however there are no community cards. Badugi is played in both limit and Pot limit at carbon, with a hand full of cash games for players to practice and hone their skills at.

Triple Draw Poker is another draw poker variant where players are dealt a complete hand before betting rounds commence. At carbon poker there are two variants; ace-5 lowball or deuce-7 lowball, both variants can be played either limit or pot limit. There is a range of stakes for each game type.

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