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Kestrel Road Bikes are engineered and created right here in the US. So much technology goes into a Kestral Bike that truly, it would be impossible to reel it off here. However, if you want to learn more about these great triathlon Ironman bikes, just visit the Kestrel USA Website - It's all there, and it is impressive. No wonder these bikes are so popular and so effective on the racing circuit. The carbon used is the best available, and it is engineered in a proprietary way. The strength, speed, weight and performance of a Kestrel road bike is no accident. Learn more at Kestrel USA. Take advantage of the savings we have here on several models like the Talon, RT, Airfoil Pro and Evoke. Kestral bikes featured here are offered through Commuter Bike Store and ebay. The ebay listings are live, and usually involve the sale of used bikes and frames in active online auctions.

Kestrel RT Bikes Ebay Here | Kestrel Airfoil Pro Bikes Ebay Here

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Every Kestrel bike is meticulously engineered, millimeter by millimeter, modeled, computer simulated, prototyped, subjected to rigorous structural testing, test-ridden, refined and redesigned. These designs are honed over and over again, until they have achieved perfection. Once this has been achieved, each bicycle is hand-built using the highest quality control standards in the business. There are no cut corners for Production and Quality on Kestrel bikes.

Kestrel RT Bikes Ebay Here | Kestrel Airfoil Pro Bikes Ebay Here

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