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reason. I have been a very happy GoDaddy customer for several years. They are Highly Recommended!


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When I first started marketing online I did not know where to go for hosting and domain registration. I made several mistakes using the wrong companies over a period of 7 years. After that, and for the next 6 years, I found the right company and this page is about their services.

GoDaddy is the cheapest domain registrar in the world, and they have every type of hosting you would ever need too. They have the best customer service policies I have ever encountered. In fact, if I was a young person again, I would want to work for this company. I have never seen such dedication as is displayed by GoDaddy employees. Time after time, year after year my opinion of this great company and it's people does not change. It really gets better each year.

Reliability is an issue when you create websites and blogs. Your digital creations have to be up and running 24/7, month in and month out. GoDaddy makes connectivity a top priority for customers, no matter how big or small that customer is. They have simple website hosting for entrepreneurs like me, and they offer dedicated servers for businesses with large bandwidth requirements. GoDaddy has special tools for Wordpress Blog Publishers and a big array of related products.

Their servers are fast, their hosting options are cheap and affordable and no matter what kind of website or blog you need to make, it will fit within their leading edge platforms. Unlike many other organizations, GoDaddy contunually improves their service on all levels. Perhaps the most impressive service they offer is real people to talk to.

GoDaddy has an optional service they call "Website Tonight" which is their own website builder for customers to create a site. I personally have a good friend who used this service to set up his blog and website with GoDaddy. It is very nice, it is functional and it gets the job done for him. Since he did not have the foggiest idea of how to make his website, he used the service and has been happy with it ever since. I do not use the service simply because I make my own websites. However, it is a great benefit for many small business people who cannot afford to hire a website designer!

I have never called them and had a bad experience. Not once have I encountered a negative or grumpy person. Each and every time I have had questions or difficulties, their good people have solved it for me. They will not drop the ball on you. The folks who work for this company care about your service and satisfaction. Because of this amazing personal touch, they rarely lose a new customer. Need help setting up your hosting and domain? No problem! They will walk you through it step by step until it is done.

Godaddy offers all the different types of hosting needed by small business and big business. Normal website hosting with 3 options, wordpress hosting, blog hosting, virtual dedicated servers, Mac powered cloud servers, dedicated servers and many options that go with each option. They have site builders and special blog tools for those who are overwhelmed by the prospect of making a website, and they can even custom build one for you. Their services are complete and comprehensive enough to cover any business or personal hosting need out there. GoDaddy Rocks!

Mac Cloud Servers - A complete IT Solution! Availa GoDaddy offers Blog and Podcast hosting services, Mac Powered Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, Virtual Dedicated Servers, Dedicated IP, Website Analytics and an endless array of business services associated with domain and hosting support. There is almost nothing they cannot do for you, wether you have a small business or a big business. This company offers solutions for your online business needs. Power, simplicity, flexibility and affordability. The OS X hosting plans deliver it all and more. Choose the plan that fits your needs and find out how Mac hosting can make it easier for you to establish a strong presence online by providing everything you need to get your online business up and running smoothly.

Go Daddy offers a complete line of eCommerce and online marketing tools, all designed for the user with no knowledge of programming. Quick Shopping Cart® has everything you need to sell products online. Whether you use it as a stand-alone storefront or add it to an existing website, all you do is customize your product catalog, design your site and you're in business! Some companies require a monthly fee PLUS a percentage of the total transactions for a shopping cart but not Go Daddy. With Quick Shopping Cart®, you simply pay a monthly fee. The rest is all yours. Go Daddy customers may also order a professional logo, ad banners, a complete business identity and a website design from the experts on their Dream Design Team. They may also list and sell their products in Go Daddy Marketplace®, a bustling center of online commerce.

Godaddy offers a special form of hosting for WORDPRESS BLOGS which is a masterpiece of programming and systems integration. If you have a Wordpress blog or website hosted on the free platform, or on a system which is not working for you, then you need to consider the GoDaddy Wordpress Hosting System. Take a look and see if that option is right for you. Harness the combined power of WordPress® and Go Daddy Web Hosting to create your own personal, state-of-the-art Internet blog. The WordPress publishing platform has thousands of free plugins, hundreds of free themes and is completely customizable. WordPress and Go Daddy Web Hosting is the winning combination for your blog.

Grid Hosting goes hand in hand with any high traffic website application - Grid Hosting is a flexible hosting platform that matches performance with demand. If your site's traffic spikes, Grid Hosting responds by allocating more resources and keeping your site live. If your site starts small, but is growing, Grid Hosting grows with it so you don't have to manually upgrade and experience any unnecessary downtime. Grid Hosting "pools" the resources of many servers and your site's content resides on multiple servers. This networked system helps achieve a high reliability beyond 99.9% for your Website because if one server shuts down, only a fraction of the grid's resources are lost.

In the comparison chart below you can see the savings and extra benefits you get by hosting with GoDaddy. Way back in time I used one of these other companies, but now I am a much smarter guy.

Here's my disclosure - Not only am I a GoDaddy customer, but I am also an affiliate through the Commission Junction Affiliate Network. I was not their affiliate at first. I didn't even think of this option for 3 years or so, but after I learned just how terrific their people and products are, then I joined up and started advertising for them. I do receive a commission if you sign up through my links. However, since my entire website is designed to help new affiliates, I would tell you about this even if I did not get paid for doing so. GoDaddy is that good!

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