Church Signs with Big Impact Messages to Get Attendees

Argument Develops Between Two Churches in the Neighborhood

Church Makes a Strong Statement

Another Church Answers Right Back

First Church Restates Premise with Emphasis

Other Church Answers Back with Stronger Statement

First Church Gets Down and Dirty with the Message

Other Church Again Answers Right Back on Point

First Church Gives Vistors a New Incentive to Come

Other Church Adds New Complications to the Argument

First Church Makes a final Assertion to End Debate

Now Here are Some Signs with Very Strong Messages for Visitors

Church Gives Lazy People no Easy Out for Non-Attendance

This Church Makes a Bold Statement Indeed

Now this Sign Includes some real Truth

Church Trys a New HIgh Impact Approach to Get Attendees

Ha Ha, This Church Has a Good Sense of Humor

This Church Trys some Insults as Food for Thought

Certainly Gives God the Advantage Doesn't it?

Now Here is the Final Winner, and the One the Gets People to Come on In!

Going Against the Flow - 4 Spiritual Laws

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