Fishing for Northerns in Paynesville, Minnesota

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NOrthern Pike caught by Franklin Banker

We went to Paynesville, Minnesota in the summer (2007), and I love to fast troll for Northerns. I have caught some good fish in Lake Koronis near Paynesville, and this time I really had fun. This fish was caught with a #5 Mepps spinner, with a yellow and red middle, and a flashy silver spinner, and not a bucktail. I have used the bucktails in the past, but this time I did not have one and went to the local store and bought what they had on hand. This fish took about 7 to 10 minutes to get in the boat, and was really a blast to catch. I had just before thrown 2 others back in the lake that were in the 2 to 3 pound range. This one became a meal for my Father in Law's friend who loves to eat Northern. I don't care for the taste of them, but I do love to catch them. (my fishing store)

I have been fishing in Lake Koronis for 17 years, at my wife's parents place on the lake. Recently, summer of 2008 and 2009 our results were not too good, but we will be heading there again this year (2010) in mid to late July. I always love to fast troll for Northerns. One year, I think it was 2005, I had one on the line that seemed at first to be a snag in heavy weeds. After the fishing barge stopped, I noticed the pole jumping a bit, then the fish took off running. It was a heavy fish and most certainly was the biggest Northern I had ever hooked. I adjusted the drag on my Shimano reel and got concerned that my 8 pound test monofilement line would not hold it. After several minutes the fish was in below the barge, but we never saw it even below the surface. It finally busted my line as I feared it would. That was the big one that got away! This is a true story and several of my family members were on the barge with me so there were witnesses to the event. I fish with a 1968 Garcia Conolon Spinning rod and a Shimano reel, and the dust was popping out of the eyelets on the pole as it was bent down so far it darn near broke the rod. Fishing in Minnesota in those old lakes is really fun. You never know when the big one will be on the line.

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