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Buy Tahitian Pearls Online When you have a particular pearl or pearl color in mind, browsing by Pearl Type is the perfect way to narrow down the field. Mermaid Pearls offers jewelry with several types of cultured pearls; Tahitian Pearls (also known as "Black" pearls), South Sea Pearls, Freshwater Pearls and Akoya Pearls. Tahitian pearls are known for their amazing colors and interesting shapes. Tahitian pearls come in marvelous shades of green, blue and bronze as well as black and shades of grey. Often nature blends these colors together to spectactuar results with overtones of purple, green and blue. Tahitian pearls also come in an array of shapes further adding to their exotic nature. You will find a big selection of Tahitian pearls at ebay.

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South Sea pearls are perhaps the most highly valued of all cultured pearls. South Sea pearls are appreciated for their often large size and dazzling golden or silver-white colors. Freshwater pearls offer excellent value with amazingly low prices for the quality they offer. Freshwater pearls come naturally colored in white, ivory, peach, pink, lavender and burgundy. Akoya pearls are especially famous for their brilliant luster. White Akoya pearls, grown in the cooler waters of Northern latitudes, have a spectacularly high-quality nacre coating. Search ebay for excellent freshwater pearls and jewelry.

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One easy way to home-in on the perfect piece of pearl jewelry for you is to browse by Style. By Style we mean; Women's, Men's or Kid's styles. Of course everyone knows that women love pearls and wear pearl jewelry it in most every culture on earth. However, not everyone thinks of pearl jewelry for Men or Kids. Many of our styles come from Tahiti where men commonly wear pearl necklaces, bracelets or rings. Additionally, the French influences of Tahiti has also led to pearl jewelry being common for kids. Most French-Tahitian girls will often get their ears pierced at an early age and wear pearl earrings. We know that you will enjoy our wide range of jewelry for Women, but don't forget to take a look at what we offer for Kids and Men. There is no reason that the whole family shouldn't be adorned in style and wearing Pearls; a symbol of purity, God's bounty and, historically; among the most precious of possessions one could own.

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Tahitian Pearls Tahitian "Black" Pearls are produced in the tropical lagoons of French Polynesia and come from the Pinctada Margaritifera oyster. They come in shades of grey, black, silver, green and mixed colors of predominently green with purple called "peacock". Sizes generally range between 9mm and 18mm.

South Sea PearlsSouth Sea pearls come from Australia, Indonesia, The Philippines and surrounding waters. They are produced by the Pintada Maxima oyster and are known for their deep lusterous quality and large size. South Sea pearls are mainly gold or white with pink, green or blue overtones. These pearls typically range in size between 9mm and 20mm. They are among the most beautiful of all pearls, and are highly prized among collectors.

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The Tahitian pearl is a black pearl and is created in a special black-lipped oyster found in French Polynesian waters. It is known as the Pinctada Margaritifera or black lip mother of pearl. This mollusk secretes a black pigment and it is this pigment which gives the pearl it's characteristic black look. Sometimes the pigment is not so black and so you get lighter tinted pearls as well. Tahiti is a group of islands In the eastern South Pacific, 3852 miles from Los Angeles, 3541 miles from Sydney, 5468 miles from Tokyo and 4660 miles from Santiago, Chile. Tahitian pearls are cultured in pearl farms in the lagoons of the Tuamotu Gambier Archipelago, a group of islands in French Polynesia.

For one of these high quality pearls you can pay as little as $100 for a small pearl of average quality, up to $10,000 for a round pearl of perfect quality with a diameter of 18mm.

Natural pearls are actually quite rare these days and a natural pearl might be one out of 20 thousand pearls. Also natural pearls sometimes have unusual shapes that are not perfectly round, and have small imperfections. Still, there are some pearl lovers who prefer natural pearls every time. It is a matter of personal preference.

The Tahitian pearl is naturally cultured and not a total product of nature. Strictly speaking, natural pearls are those created without any human intervention, as officially defined by the International Confederation of Jewelry, Silverware, Diamonds, Pearls and Stones (CIBJO).

Akoya cultured pearls are one of the most popular cultured pearls. They are grown in saltwater oceans and have a high quality luster and beautiful roundness that make them ideal for necklaces and earrings. Probably the best color for an akoya pearl is white with pink overtones. This matches various skin tones of those who will wear them. With akoya pearls, the nacre should be thick so that one is unable to see the core. The luster should be high and there should be no organic matter or calcite that results in a muddy gray or brown appearance. Akoya cultured pearls should be round and without blemishes such as pits or bumps but perfectly smooth. There should be no chipping or pealing of the nacre.

There are two types of pearls. Natural and cultivated. Natural pearls are those which nature has formed by itself. The irritant has gotten into the oyster through some crevasse or small opening and irritated the oyster to form the nacre covering. A cultivated pearl is made by the deliberate insertion of a foreign substance, often another piece of shell, to the oyster and then nurturing it for a number of years until a pearl is made. Whereas the natural pearl can be many different shapes and sizes and even colors, the cultivated pearl tends to be round or spherical in shape although coloring can be added to ensure the pearl is of a particular hue or color.

The discovery of how to make cultivated pearls changed the pearl industry for all time. Pearls became available to most people and not just to the select few due to their rarity. This boosted the industry to a multi million dollar enterprise that flourishes around the world today.

There is so much information at the website. We recommend a visit to AllAboutPearls.Org so you can understand all the details about pearls.

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