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Progressive Healths coral calcium supplement, Acktiva, provides your body with 2 grams of naturally derived coral calcium. Acktiva not only ensures that your bodys calcium needs are met and maintained, this unique formula also includes a correct ratio of Magnesium and Vitamin D to regulate many other important bodily functions not related to calcium.

ACKTIVA - CLICK HERE Why Acktiva? Acktiva is abundant in both Vitamin D and highly absorbable, coral calcium. Additionally, the trace mineral content of coral calcium is extensive and may afford you secondary health benefits. In fact, Congressional documentation regarding the mineral content of farmed soil (released several years ago) states that today, there are not simply not enough minerals in the ground to support ones overall health status. This is important as farmed soil accounts for the mineral content of popular food sources that are consumed as part of our daily diet.

Acktiva contains over 70 minerals and may work to end your need for additional mineral intakes. However, there is a significant difference between minerals obtained from Acktiva coral calcium when compared to your regular multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. Coral calciums naturally occurring minerals are naturally ionized; meaning that they are smaller than the colloidal (mineral) variety and allow for nearly 100% bioavailability. Achieving and sustaining proper health does not happen by accident. It takes action, and more importantly (especially today), nutritional supplementation.

The Alkaline Difference:

The bodys blood pH, or acidity content, must be kept within a narrow range - 7.35 to 7.45. This means that when we consume acidic elements and foods like sugars, they must be effectively neutralized. Why is this important? To neutralize such detrimental agents, we must use our body's alkaline reserves; mainly calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and sodium. These minerals:

a) prevent our pH from becoming acidic,
b) lessen acidic attack upon potentially weak and/or vulnerable organs, and
c) provide alkalinity and an environment rich in oxygen.

Of all the minerals, calcium is needed nearly as twice as much as any other mineral. Again, alkaline metals, including calcium, help to neutralize acidity within the body.

The issue of body acidity and alkalinity has continued to be a controversial topic. Despite the naysayers, based on current and past research this theory makes sense. Research has proposed that over 200 degenerative diseases may be linked to minerals deficiencies and subsequent body acidity. Based on the exponent of 10, a difference of just 1 pH can have a major impact on the amount of oxygen available for numerous body systems. If you havent yet discovered this, know that your pH levels are directly related to the oxygen content in the blood. Take this figure for instance - the difference of just 1 pH (remember, blood remains in a range of 7.35 - 7.45) of 7.45 contains nearly 65% more oxygen than a pH value of 7.30. This is important because scientific findings show that adverse health conditions cannot exist in such oxygen-rich environments. The ability for coral calcium to assist the body in balancing its natural pH levels is one of its most important benefits.

Acktiva Coral Calcium is a unique blend of the alkaline minerals calcium and magnesium, as well as other essential trace minerals. An initial study conducted on the same ingredients found in Acktiva showed that the vitamin and mineral blend positively increased blood alkalinity (pH) and buffering capacity. This finding ensures that YOUR body?s blood alkalinity is maintained, helping to promote and maintain you overall health status.

The Brilliance of One Man:
Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg is the person, or basis, from which all other pH-based works and studies are derived; including notables like Dr. Carl Reich and Robert Barefoot. Otto Warburg?s studies have influenced modern day findings regarding how valuable calcium supplements truly are for thwarting the ravaging effects of acidity upon the human body. His findings suggest that cancer lives in extremely low oxygen environments, much like harmful bacterium. He accomplished this by manipulating the oxygen content of red blood cells. Every time oxygen levels were decreased by 35%, they became cancerous. He proposed that certain minerals and vitamins, such as those found in Acktiva, reduces the cells? need for oxygen, thus increasing oxygen levels within a healthy cell.

Because of the high oxygen and pH levels of the blood flowing from the lungs into the heart, certain adverse health conditions cannot survive because it is rich in oxygen. When the blood is supported with minerals to maintain a pH of 7.4, vital minerals are saved to perform other important physiological processes. Calcium prevents the demineralization of body fluids (i.e. saliva, blood, spinal fluid, etc) and prevents organs from become both acidic and anaerobic (without the presence of oxygen).

No other mineral performs as many functions as calcium. Being derived from nature and being abundant in other trace minerals, coral calcium would seem to provide the most complete source of this important nutrient. In addition, coral calcium to acid is like flour to an oil fire: Progressive Healths coral calcium formula may work to rob (or eliminate) acid from the blood and other body fluids. This results in more calcium within the blood; translating to more oxygen available within the body and a decreased risk for acid-based degenerative conditions.

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