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Burton Snowboards and known for their durability and ridability on every slope around the world. The snowboards on this site are all offered through leading Snowboard Retailers including The House, Snowboard Connection and Ebay Active Listings. A snowboard is a thin, hourglass shaped board ridden down a sloped section of earth covered in snow. Snowboards generally have a length between 140-165 cm and a width between 24 and 27 cm. Shorter boards are typically considered youth size, designed for use by children, though some varieties of short boards are specifically designed for a special purpose, such as the performance of snowboarding tricks. Among normal snowboards, the available size variant accommodates the many varieties of people, skill levels, snow types, and riding styles that exist within the activity known as snowboarding. Everyone in the sport of snowboarding respects the Burton name as an industry leader.

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