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BMX bikes give good performance in racing either on road ramp or on dirt ramps. These bikes have 18 to 26 inche wheels. The body of the bikes is made up with light material to improve the results of the bikes. Eastern or BMX bikes are ideal for beginners either for tracks or for dirt jumping. The most featured part of the bicycle is it body. The body is made up with chromoly frame with 8mm dropouts and heavy-duty blade forks. BMX bikes are good for flatland free style, dirt jumping and vert or vertical ramps. This bike is sturdy for vertical ramp. Though this bike is best suitable for all types of ramps, bike is comparatively reasonable. The frame of the bike is made up from chromoly that includes three pieces tubular chromoly cranks. The rims of the bicycle have about 48 spokes for big landings and big air front and rear brakes provided with the bikes. Visit the official BMX Site on USACycling.Org for all the BMX news.

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There is a ton of great BMX News available at Cycling News within the special BMX NEWS SECTION. Many BMX bikes are trick bikes but not the Next 20" Boys' Turbo BMX Bike. This bike is smooth riding and durable and it has a look most young people love. The bike has both foot brakes and squeezable hand brakes which is a big safety feature for beginning bike riders. Overall this good looking, sturdy cycle is a good riding bike for any young rider.

BMX Racing Bikes | Mountain Bike Specials | Mongoose Bikes | Tomasso Road Bikes | Jamis Bikes

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