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These Networks Offer Advanced Tools for Affiliates and Merchants
Today I have revised this page to reflect the Affiliate Networks I primarily work with. Although there are many hundreds of affiliate networks out there, I personally can only actively recommend 2. My 2 networks are Avantlink.Com and Shareasale.Com. Both of these networks offer the most amazing tools for affiliates, and even the big famous networks do not offer tools like that. There are 3 very big and infamous affiliate networks out there (we all know who they are) that are not on my list. Here on this page, I am only talking about the best 2 networks for both affiliates and merchants. They have superior tools and services for affiliates and merchants. Better reporting, more accurate commission tracking and lower cost.

I have always been confused when I see a great company with amazing products sign up for one of those other networks with no tools for affiliates. The big 3 networks have banners, text links and a few occasional special offers. Avantlink and Shareasale have tools for affiliates that allow each affiliate to display products on their website, with no programming cost. Great companies need those tools for success in this business. However, I have also noticed that many great companies are streaming to Shareasale and Avantlink after being disappointed with one or more of the big 3 networks. That is progress folks.


I recommend shareasale for Affiliates and Merchants - Excellent Affiliate Network - Best Tools and Integrity

I recommend SHAREASALE as an excellent affiliate network. It is a 2 tier network, so if you sign up webmasters under you in the 2nd tier, you recieve an instant 5% override from their sales. I say "instant" because it happens within minutes after the sale is completed. I find that to be remarkable in the affiliate marketing world. Most of the networks make you wait until the end of the month, or well into the following month to learn sub-affiliate numbers. Also, they have a really impressive array of merchants to choose from, and they offer free direct deposit (ach) for your earned affiliate commissions monthly. Very attractive!   Join Here.

Shareasale (SAS) is a great solution for Merchants. For a nominal fee (Click Here for Pricing) you can get your affiliate program up and running. Then you can upload your merchant banners and product prices through the manager area. Shareasale representatives will assist you with large product listings of course. After this is accomplished, Shareasale will feature your program up front on the affiliate login area of the site, and new affiliates (your new sales force) will sign up and start selling your goods and services. This is one of the simplest and most affordable affiliate marketing solutions around. I am certain you too will find it to be a viable alternative to some of the bigger and more expensive networks out there. Many small to medium sized companies need a more cost effective affiliate solution, and Shareasale very well could be that solution. If you decide to grow your business through an affiliate network, Shareasale will help recruit new affiliates into your program. Besides being an affordable affiliate network, Shareasale is innovative, and their tracking technology, datafeeds and statistics are tremendous.

I have made a lot of new sales pages for Shareasale merchants that I cannot do for other networks, including the big networks that everyone says are the leaders in the industry. I can tell you right now that if I was a new merchant looking for a network to host my affiliate program, I would choose Shareasale for overall value and efficiency (knowing what I know). It is a very good network!


Affiliate and Merchant Tools for success
Top Merchant and Affiliate Network with Datafeeds and Embedded RSS Feeds

Avant Marketing Group (AMG) has built an advanced Affiliate network,, focused on integrity, web syndication, cutting-edge tools and client support. They provide Affiliates and merchants a system that is comprehensive and professional in every way. Affiliate pros no longer have to look to multiple third-party tool vendors for solutions, datafeeds or support. This network is evolving into one of the best solutions for merchants needing to integrate into the world of Affiliate Marketing. By launching your Affiliate program with AvantLink your Affiliates will have free access to industry-leading, integrated tool center that provides productive Affiliate marketers with everything they need to increase conversion and grow your sales.

Avantlink has been evolving as time goes on, the tools just keep coming. Now they have a lot of ways to access the datefeeds of all member merchants. This network is the first and only one to develop Wordpress tools for those of us who use WP, and these tools are amazing. Not only do they have tools, but they also have a library of support videos to train affiliates on how to implement those tools. I really appreciate the superior applications this network has. I recommend it to both affiliates and merchants as a great money making opportunity! Take a look at Avantlink Affiliate Network today.

Avantlink has really been a great resource for me in my Affiliate Marketing business. They recruit very high quality merchants, with many in the outdoor sports and extreme sports categories. This works right out for me, as I publish content, product displays and blogs in this part of the sports sector. Avantlink is a really excellent affiliate network.

If you are a merchant already selling products online, this network can also be a wonderful solution to increase your bottom line and your holiday sales.

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